Ausstellung zur Buchveröffentichung: METHEXIS BEI ANAHITA CONTEMPORARY BERLIN

Methexis – Ulrich Reimkasten – Malerei

Di–Fr 14–18 Uhr / Sa 11–15 Uhr

Anahita Contemporary
Schlüterstraße 14
10625 Berlin

+49 30 55205464

Anahita Contemporary: The gallery presents Art Informal, as well as a new generation of artists from Germany, the Middle East and Asia. The focus points to an intercultural dialogue with distinguished artists of different generations. In 2015 Anahita Sadighi established her first gallery in Berlin’s art scene. With the founding of her second gallery Anahita Contemporary in 2018, the programme extends to contemporary art – thus creating a unique combination between ancient non-European art and international contemporary art, curated by a young Berliner with Iranian roots.